Deciding what to do with your farm is not easy. And whether you are motivated by financial gain, legacy planning, or another reason, we are certain you are wrestling with the emotions of liquidating property that may have been in your family for generations.

The good news is, there is an investment strategy available that allows you to defer paying capital gains tax on your property sale and reinvest the proceeds in passively-managed, income-producing real estate. Intrigued? You’re not alone.

Learn what innovative farmers and ranchers are considering when it’s time to say goodbye to ownership of farmland with our “Top tips to consider when selling the farm” guide.

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About "Top tips to consider when selling the farm"

Selling your family farm is big decision. Many farms have been part of a family's history for generations and letting go of the property has sentimental and financial implications. We compiled a checklist of our top tips to help farmers and ranchers, like you, navigate this new territory. It may be possible to defer taxes by reinvesting the proceeds in a like-kind investment.

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Real Estate

Real estate investments have the potential to help generate retirement income and build long-term wealth to pass on to heirs.

Tax Deferral

A Section 1031 exchange can help you transition to another real estate investment while deferring capital gains taxes.

Passive Possibilities

If you’re ready for a less stressful form of real estate ownership, consider a passive strategy.

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