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Our new checklist uncovers the potential opportunities and pitfalls when selling your farm. Discover the top tips that can help you with:

  • Estate planning and beneficiaries: Eliminate uncertainty by determining who will inherit your farm and ranch land and associated assets 
  • Minimizing tax implications: It may be possible to defer taxes by reinvesting the proceeds in a like-kind investment
  • Remaining invested in real estate: Your farm has given you a first-hand look at the benefits of real estate, and now may be an opportune time to see how property ownership can continue to play a central role in your investment portfolio
  • Exploring passive property management: If you are uneasy about immediately jumping into another time-intensive real estate venture, you may want to consider a passive, hands-off path forward

About "Top tips to consider when selling the farm"

Selling your family farm is a big decision. Many farms have been part of a family’s history for generations and letting go of the property has sentimental and financial implications. We compiled a checklist of our top tips to help farmers and ranchers, like you, navigate this new territory. Before you move on from the daily oversight of running your farm, here are a few things to keep in mind:



Real Estate

Real estate investments have the potential to help generate retirement income and build long-term wealth to pass on to heirs.


Tax Deferral

A Section 1031 exchange can help you transition to another real estate investment while deferring capital gains taxes.


Passive Possibilities

If you’re ready for a less stressful form of real estate ownership, consider a passive strategy.


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